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Here at Grooms by Emily we have a purpose built salon to accommodate any pets needs from tiny Chihuahuas to tall Great Danes. We are situated in the heart of Morpeth, Northumberland and benefit from on-site parking for all of our customers.

The salon has been recently refurbished to include a wet room with walk-in shower which is very beneficial to the larger breeds of dogs who struggle to get into the more commercial baths, or dogs of an older age who may not be able to stand for too long will benefit from being able to lay down during the bathing and drying process. This means the pressure is taken off their joints from jumping and being lifted also.

For the smaller or more nervous pups we also have a stainless steel hydraulic bath which has a shower tray which can be lifted to accommodate the dog's size and height. All of our grooming tables are hydraulic, meaning they go down to floor level low enough for larger pets to step onto, reducing the amount of lifting and jumping. The salon is temperature controlled meaning during the hotter months your pets health and wellbeing is taken into consideration helping prevent them from overheating by keeping the area cool.

New for Autumn 2021 will be The Doggie Lift! For all those dogs who find nail clipping daunting and don’t like their paws held, The Doggy Lift will safely suspend your dog off the ground in a specialised harness that puts them into a state of relaxation allowing for quick and drama free nail clipping in a calming and non-invasive way.

For more details on any of our services or facilities please contact me on 07757165912 or via our Facebook page.

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