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Introducing Your Puppy to Grooming at an Early Age!

Most owners aren't aware that puppies should be introduced to the grooming environment from an early age (normally recommended a week after their final injection) whether they are long or short haired.

Grooming should start at home the day you bring your puppy home, introducing them to the different brushing tools, getting them used to being groomed on a high surface (such as a table, bench etc as this will mimic them being groomed on a grooming table in a salon), getting used to the shower and being brushed in every area of their body.

Between seven and fifteen weeks of age puppies enter a stage of maximum learning abilities. This is when puppies should be carefully socialised to expose them to as many new situations as possible. This should be done in a calm and careful way to give them positive experiences without overwhelming the pup.

Puppy grooms include a bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning, a tidy up around eyes, fringe, bum, sanitary area and feet to familiarise your puppy with the start of adult grooming. Even if your dog is a short haired breed, introducing them to the bath, dryer and deshedding tools will be a massive benefit to them when they are older and begin moulting resulting in regular grooms to help control the moulting cycle at home. Most puppies who have attended groomers from a young age see the experience as exciting and fun as they haven't had a reason to be scared of anything.

Your puppy will also be health checked at their grooms including looking at their teeth which will be beginning to be replaced by their adult teeth, your groomer will notice any changes or concerns you may have missed at home.

Tips for introducing your puppy to grooming at home include: Use a metal spoon to touch in between their eyes to get them used to the feeling of metal when your groomer uses scissors around this area Brush/comb your puppy AFTER playtime when they are a bit tired and relaxed, this is also a great time to bond Use an electric toothbrush around your dog to get them used to the feeling of clippers when they are older! (also great for poodles around their feet and face) Use a licki-mat on the bath with their favourite treat (organic peanut butter, paté, natural yogurt etc) for a distraction

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