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Get Your Ticks Out!

Tick removal is FREE at Grooms By Emily!

Ticks are commonly found on pets in the warmer months from March to November. Sometimes they can be very hard to spot as they carry from 1mm long to 1cm long. They typically have a cream-coloured oval body (that turns darker as it fills with blood) with tiny legs you can see moving next to the skin. They are commonly found in grassland, shrubs and on low-hanging tree branches.

It is VERY important to remove them correctly as if the full tick isn't removed and the head is left inside your pet, they may be at risk of developing diseases ticks carry such as Lyme Disease. Ticks SHOULD NOT be smothered by applying vaseline, alcohol, sprays etc as Smothering or burning a tick could make it release fluid which could be infected into your body and increase your chance of infection. Tick removers should be used to correctly remove the whole tick and dispose of it so it cannot latch onto another pet.

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