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What Services Do We Offer?

At Grooms by Emily we offer a range of services that are unparalleled in the North East, our purpose built salon within My Pet HQ, Morpeth has been recently refurbished so that it now includes a walk-in shower and wet room as well as a temperature controlled area.

We actively promote force free grooming and cater to each individual pet’s needs, so if your pet begins to show any signs of stress we will stop at whatever point we have managed to do and arrange another appointment to complete the groom at a different date. This helps to build your pets confidence and is vital when they need regular grooming. Ensuring your pet has a positive experience is a top priority. One to one grooming is available at no extra charge and can be very beneficial to pets as their individual needs are always concentrated on.

Since opening the salon, we have used chemical free grooming products and have built our ethos around this. Chemical grooming products included off the shelf brands that you can buy yourself can strip oils out of coat, irritate your pets skin due to their high perfume content, are very drying on the coat which can cause breakages, as well as being very harsh on the bather’s hands. We use Herbal Dog Co products from eye and ear cleaner to our shampoos and conditioners so you know your pet is always receiving the best care.

Our dogs can't tell us when they have toothache, it's essential to keep on top of your dog’s dental hygiene to help prevent bad breath, periodontal disease, gum disease, bleeding gums, ulcers etc. The Emmi pet toothbrush is vibration-free & no actual brushing or scrubbing is necessary. It is very simple, non-invasive, effective & will benefit not only your dog’s teeth, but their health in general! Ultrasonic waves are transferred into the toothbrush head onto the specially formulated toothpaste. Air bubbles are generated which react with the toothpaste to help remove plaque, food particles and bacteria from your dog’s mouth.

We offer a range of walk-in services to help with maintenance in-between regular grooming appointments. Our walk-in services include, nail, eye and face trimming. Free coat checks and tick removal, sanitary shaving for those breeds prone to getting poop around their hair on their bum. I am always on hand to assist with purchasing home grooming tools and to give free demos on how to use each product at home.

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